Aqua Adventure brings a new level of excitement to your vacations in Puerto Rico. We specialize in SCUBA Diving lessons, SCUBA Diving Trips and much more. We also offer SNUBA® adventures, Snorkeling Trips and all day excursions to tropical islands. SCUBA Diving in Puerto Rico will take you to the lush coral gardens of the Atlantic to the spectacular coral reefs of the Caribbean Sea.

The Aqua Adventure team and instructors, who together have more than 18 years of experience in the SCUBA Diving industry, will show you the best Puerto Rico has to offer.

SCUBA divers, from beginners to experienced, will have the opportunity to discover underwater caverns, urban reefs in San Juan, and the great Coral reef wall in Guanica.

If you have never dove and want to take the plunge to discover the underwater world, we can take you on a Snorkeling Adventure where you will be able to see tropical marine life. Want to “GO BEYOND SNORKELING”, try SNUBA®. SNUBA® in Puerto Rico is a great way for you to explore the underwater universe without experience or any SCUBA certification.

If you’re looking for adventure, SCUBA diving, sun and great beaches, or you simply want to get away, look no further than Aqua Adventure. We will offer the best Puerto Rico has to offer while you’re on vacation. Allow us to do what we do best; fill your vacations with pure entertainment.